BREAKING NEWS -Sakuma is Finally Ready to Negotiate!


UPDATE: Unrest Continues at Sakuma Berry Farm

Continue to Keep the Pressure on Sakuma and Driscoll’s Berries to Support the Farm Workers at Sakuma Farms and in San Quintin, MX who pick the berries you eat.   





At Sakuma Processing Plant in Mt. Vernon. Towns listed display some of the many cities where people are standing up and saying "Boycott Driscoll's Berries". Photo Credit: Neah Monteiro

At Sakuma Processing Plant in Mt. Vernon. Towns listed display some of the many cities where people are standing up and saying “Boycott Driscoll’s Berries”. Photo Credit: Neah Monteiro


Latino Advocacy has been selected by FUJ to coordinate all communications with media outlets for the union. Latino Advocacy has the experience and proven record in supporting racial justice movements in Washington State.   Maru Mora Villalpando, Latino Advocacy Principal, has built a relationship of trust with the Indigenous farm worker members of FUJ ; she has been supporting their movement since day one of the strike in 2013 and is knowledgeable of ongoing activity. She will be the spokesperson for the union and coordinate media communications during the upcoming historic negotiations.  

Contact Information for Media

gary kanter

Get Your Copy of the “Ballad of Sakuma” by Gary Kanter before they are gone!  Gary Kanter, an amazing song writer and supporter of Familias Unidas por La Justicia, has written a song about Sakuma Farms and the farmworkers fight for justice.  Make a $10-$20 Donation to Familias Unidas por la Justicia to get your copy of the CD today!  Go to “Ballad of Sakuma” page to make a donation and order.

BOYCOTT THESE PRODUCTS UNTIL THE FARMWORKERS OF FAMILIAS UNIDAS HAVE A UNION CONTRACT.  Calling for a boycott of these products that the workers help produce—and earn a living from—is not something that is done lightly.  Let your dollars do the talking: Spend them elsewhere when you buy berry products.





Photo by James Leder

Photo by James Leder

ATTN: Boycott is Succeeding!  We are Growing!  Website under construction to improve communication.  – Liisa

**All the images posted on FUJ blog, social media and any other media sites, are property of FUJ and cannot be used without permission or unless otherwise noted.
Images are intended to promote the work for justice that FUJ has been doing for nearly 3 years now. Images and statements shared need to promote FUJ’s work and the boycott against Sakuma and Driscoll’s. We won’t allow for appropriation of our indigenous communities, members and fruit of our struggle.
We are in this social movement to ensure justice for our members, all farmworkers and every person of color oppressed by systems that perpetuate such oppression. We are not here to replicate that oppression. Thank you.

65 Responses to

  1. Nelly says:

    Just pay what the men are worth, boycotted for now!

  2. Patrice says:

    I am a private chef who teaches and stands on from of the public education about sustainable foods and agriculture. I will add Salina and Driscoll berries to my foods to avoid

  3. Sonia Ortiz says:

    Pay the field workers what you would like to be paid for this work they do.

  4. Adolfo Herrera-trujillo says:

    I will not buy their products until justice is made. My dad worked the fields many years and I will not tolerate this crap.

  5. Emily says:

    How sick to think you can get away with paying hardworking human beings that crap for pay!!! We will not be buying any Driscoll products!!!

  6. Sharon Mohr says:

    Kroger in Texas also sell Driscoll. Our family will join boycott.

    • moderator says:

      Thank you!

    • Kathlean J Keesler says:

      Sure do appreciate the integrity of this CWU boycott committee. Are there any congressional members joining in political support of this honest effort? Being from the Salad Bowl, strawberry fields forever, demographic might Congressman Sam Farr be in favor of this national/international BOYCOTT?

      • Pam Stearns says:

        Kathlean, last I heard Sam Farr says Driscoll is a most valued member of our region. He does not publicly support the boycott. I am a member of a Santa Cruz group working in support of the boycott by leafleting and collecting supporters’ signatures at local markets.

  7. David Nelson says:

    Thank you for the great information about the work of FUJ and the struggle of berry farmworkers for higher wages, safer working conditions, and a union. Do you know if the
    H.E.B. grocery chain in Texas sells Driscoll Berries? H.E.B. is a Texas grocery that started in the Rio Grande Valley a number of years ago. Thank you.

    • moderator says:

      Hello David –

      According the the H.E.B. grocery website they do carry some Driscoll’s berries. Please contact them and ask them to honor berry farm workers by removing Driscoll’s berries from their grocery store shelves until the farmworkers of Familias Unidas por la Justicia and San Quintin, MX have union contracts.

    • Helen Chavez says:

      Are these berries sold at Whole Foods?

      Sent from my iPad


      • moderator says:

        Hi Helen –

        Yes, Driscoll’s berries, which the farmworkers of Familias Unidas por la Justicia union pick for in Washington state at Sakuma Bros. Farm, is sold at most Whole Foods Markets around the United States. If you are a shopper at Whole Foods Market please go talk to management at your local store and ask them to stop selling Driscoll’s berries and to honor the international boycott of Driscoll’s berries which the farm workers have called for both here in Washington State and in San Quintin, MX who are fighting for an end to systemic wage theft, poverty wages, hostile working conditions, and unattainable production standards.

  8. Joy says:

    Are you guys going to boycott Biringer Farms as well? They only pay per flat/bucket with NO hourly wage on top and they employ kids as young as 14 yrs old with no housing option to families who work in the fields. As far as I know they don’t have union contract either. Are they next on the list after Sakuma Brothers?

    • Moderator says:

      Dear Joy, It is very important that farmworker campaigns are led and organized by the farmworkers that are directly affected. At the moment farmworkers at Bringer Farms are not asking for the public to engage the farm where they work. This may not always be the case, but for now we can support by following the lead of farmworkers. Thanks for your support!

      • Kathlean J Keesler says:

        Dear Moderator – thank you for keeping us on the same path. The comments on Birginger Farms remind me of the John Steinbeck movie The Grapes and Wrath. Steinbeck grew up in a fertile agricultural valley 25 miles from the Pacific Coast “Salina Valley”. Might we look back and OPEN ARE EYES wider see we are going through many of the same plutocratic tactics. Paying farmworker’s for flats/buckets is WRONG, a cheap trick.

      • Kathlean J Keesler says:

        Salinas Valley and OPEN our EYES

  9. Emily says:


    I’m a second grade bilingual teacher in VA. My students spent March learning about the Farmworker Movement from the 50s and 60s. We’ve spent April learning about how farm workers still face oppression today and specifically focused on this boycott. They’ve been working on their “Proyectos de Activista” and have created many PSAs spreading the news about the Driscolls/Sakuma Berries Boycott. Many students have also written letters addressed to Driscolls/Sakuma.
    Can I send those letters to FUJ or should I send them directly to Driscolls/Sakuma?
    (Many of my students have chosen to participate in the boycott as well and have spread the word to their friends/families!)

    Please let me know how we can help!

    In solidarity,

    • moderator says:

      Hi Emily – It is great to hear from you and what your students are learning and doing. Familias Unidas would love to see the work the students are doing. But more importantly, Driscoll’s and Sakuma need to hear from them as well. I have included Driscolls and Sakumas office addresses where you can mail the letters/PSA’s students have written. If you would like to send them to FUJ I have included that address as well.

      Attn: Consumer Relations Department
      PO Box 50045
      Watsonville, CA 95077-5045

      Sakuma Brothers Farm Inc
      17790 Cook Road
      Burlington, WA 98233

      Familias Unidas por la Justicia
      P.O. Box 1206
      Burlington, WA 98233

      In Solidarity,

      Familias Unidas por la Justicia

  10. Marisol says:

    Hi, I support Familias Unidas por la Justicia, I am from Salinas, CA and my family has worked in the fields and coolers for many years now. I have been working on documenting the working conditions the farm workers are exposed here in the central coast, sharing their story and giving them voice so people who buy produce are aware of who picks their fruits and vegetables. Please let me know when is the next march or action around the central coast or Bay Area.


    • moderator says:

      Hi Marisol –

      It is great to hear from you and the work you are doing. We have added you to our email list so you can receive updates about what is happening with FUJ. If the farmworkers of FUJ know about an action in California we place it up on the Events calendar here on the website so check that out as well for updates.

  11. Casey carr says:

    Is this boycott still active? I have stopped buying driscoll

    • moderator says:

      Yes – the Boycott of Driscoll’s Berries continues and will continue until both FUJ farmworker union in Washington State and the farmworker union in San Quintin, MX have a union contract and justice in the berry fields. Thank you for supporting the boycott and the farm workers who pick the berries.

      • Kathlean J Keesler says:

        1976 – 2016, I resided in the Salad Bowl, I witnessed Driscoll’s operations in Watsonville Ca., strawberry fields forever, workers bent over picking day in and out, truckers hauling off tons & tons of the fresh packed produce. I support these farm workers, I will Boycott Driscoll across the miles right here in Chicago, Illinois.THANKS for organizing.

  12. vicki says:

    I support you 110% and will NEVER purchase anything from Driscolls and associates even though Iam a Canadian not sure if they sell up here (hope not.) I emailed Driscoll telling them they should all be in jail for treating the farm workers like that. If there is anything I can do to help I will do what I can. I was so disgusted reading the article.

  13. Dr. Claire Closmann says:

    Do you know if WF in Austin, Tx buys Driscoll’s?

  14. L E Shannon says:

    I boycotted Driscolls for several years in Calif.
    Here in NYC we have been FLOODED with Driscolls berries — health food and regular groceries alike.
    Who do we talk to back here?

  15. Suzie Norem says:

    It would seem effective to me if we could communicate to the grocery chains, Safeway, etc. that we are boycotting. Is there a way to do that?

  16. As was the case during UFW grape boycott, boycotting all berries until justice is attained will send a potent message. Many people only boycott may think not buying Sakuma & Driscoll’s will do it, but it is essential to really make potent headway. People do grow their own or buy local, but moving towards an all Berry boycott could have some major thrust.

  17. frallen2002 says:

    Whatever objections anyone might raise about the practicality of the living wage, I can see no justification for the piece rate system under which these workers work. If anyone can, I’d be willing to listen, but meanwhile Driscoll’s and Hagen Daz, etc.are off my shopping list.

  18. JUAN DELPOZO says:

    juan says; from the ilwu in san Francisco during the just passed pensioners convention they convened and held a rally at the whole foods California street store. we support the sakuma farm workers thru resolutions at our just concluded international convention. WHOLE FOODS in California talks a good talk about fair trade at the source and better conditions for workers and yet the DRISCOLL BRAND is still on the shelves. also the driscoll brand needs to distinguish on their label whether the produce came from California or the affected farms in the pacific northwest. we in the I.L.W.U. have a proud history of supporting the calif farmworkers now and during the cesar chavez era. and finally with a boycott and job action the familias unidas needs to keep in touch with the I.L.W.U. west coast and particulary with the union locals in the pacific northwest. FRATERNALLY YOURS, JUAN DELPOZO, I.L.W.U. LOCAL #34 SHIP CLERKS ASSOCIATION, SAN FRANCISCO,CALIF. PLEASE KEEP US ADVISED ON INFORMATION CONCERNING THE ONGOING STRUGGLE. SOLIDARITY FOREVER.

  19. David Durbin says:

    is there a good source of union picked berries?

    • moderator says:

      Thank you for your question David. Swanton Berry Farm in Santa Cruz, CA is a good source. The berries are both Food Justice Certified and carry the United Farmworker Union Label.
      Here is a link to their website to find out more – The Food Justice Certified label is one of the only “fair trade” labels that truly supports farm workers and their families –

      • Kathlean J Keesler says:

        Thank you for sharing the info on Swanton Berry Farm! I lived in Santa Cruz Ca 1976- March 2016. DRISCOLL’S is a terrible business, I have wanted to see a NATIONAL Boycott for decades. Sure hope Swanton Berry Farm benefits from this national Boycott and I would like to see it go INTERNATIONAL. WHOLEFOODS ought to drop Driscoll; PEAS in a POD – anti Union. In the suburbs of Chicago Driscoll’s berries/produce are about all there is here, it is not fresh, it is not pretty, it is OLD and spoils quickly. (true) I support the workers, thank you for organizing Watsonville, California!

  20. Brad Beach says:

    I have spoken with Metropolitan Market ( WA ) and they don’t seem very interested in the FUJ labor dispute. As of yesterday, 9/10/15, they were still selling Driscolls branded berries.

  21. Sara Matlin says:

    I was under the mistaken impression that the Sakuma/Driscoll boycott was over. I’ll stop buying Driscoll’s (again), and I’ll tell my friend in the produce department at Piazza’s (a small grocery chain in San Mateo County, CA).

    • moderator says:

      Thank you Sara. Yes, the boycott continues until the farm workers are able to secure a union contract with Sakuma Bros Farm.

  22. Kelly says:

    Why should we not purchase these berries from these companies. What is going on?

    • necalli says:

      Dear Kelly,

      There has been a labor dispute at Sakuma Bros. Farms, Inc. that began in July of 2013. Since then, striking farm workers have formed a union called Familias Unidas por la Justicia. That worker organization represents the migrant labor force that has worked for the company for over a decade has led 8 strikes and launched an international boycott against Sakuma Berries until the farm owners do the right thing and negotiate a union contract with the workers. The farm has lost half a dozen lawsuits brought by the labor union over wage and hour violations, abuse, retaliation, and unlawful housing practices targeting the unionized farm workers. The workers continue their boycott against the company and it’s production contracts and request that any consumers that believe in justice for farm workers to observe the boycott. This page has a list of places where boycott volunteers have documented the selling of Sakuma Berries under different labels. Thanks for your support!

    • Kathlean J Keesler says:

      Dear Kelly, I will explain why boycotting these berry companies is a good idea. I lived in the Driscoll Berry (produce) Ag Industry, community, for 40 years, I have a grocery bill like you, as an American ( now retired) I have always appreciated the field workers, the farm packers and the truckers who all work long, hard, underpaid, under respected hours. These professionals, hourly wage earners, plant, pick ,pack and haul fresh produce for distribution (FOR SALE) “world” round. Driscoll’s uses chemicals daily, these pesticides and fertilizers are POSTED as harmful to the workers, many workers have reported illnesses.The California “salad bowl” Ag Industry is a nasty operation. Migrant workers are professionals yet they are treated as if they are disposable! The housing provided by the AG INDUSTRY for seasonal workers is deplorable. These large confident powerful “we will feed the people”, CEO’s/owners/shareholders, salad bowl, produce “market” business persons are so terribly wasteful. They could save tons of food from going to waste, they do not and they do not care! How they ship our food is an operation all consumers (organic or non) ought to learn the details of. In Chicago, Illinois where I am now residing 800,000 residents are food insecure, that bothers me. Boycotting will get the message across. The time is now to stand together. “Solidarity” on numerous levels as middle class CONSUMERS! Driscoll’s Attention Consumer Relations Dept PO BX 50045 Watsonville Ca 95077-5045

  23. Delaney Piper says:

    Also in Seattle, Central Co-op has been selling Driscoll.

  24. Thriftway on Vashon is selling Dirscoll’s Berries now having no more visible Sakuma boxes of berries since talking to the manager and owner. I will keep talking to them. Thanks for this great website. I will check IGA again as well which was selling Sakuma and Driscoll’s last we talked to the owner. Blessing upon your good work.

  25. La Stephanie says:

    Hi, Living in the Portland, Or area. Are Sakuma berries sold here?

    • necalli says:

      Yes, you will find Sakuma Berries processed and packaged into Haagen-Dazs Ice Cream, you may also find Sakuma Berries packaged in Driscoll’s labeled berries.

  26. Laura Friedman says:

    Is this boycott of Driscoll products and Hagen Das still in effect? I read about this from a FB post. I but Driscoll berries all the time and had no idea about the boycott. I live in NYC.

    • necalli says:

      Yes, the farmworkers confirmed that they are picking into Driscoll’s berry labels. Sakuma is also still selling processed berries to Haagen-Dazs. Thanks for supporting the boycott! Please write us and tell us where you find Sakuma Berries so that we can put it up on the website.

      • In early July, I checked with Trudy Bialik in administration at Puget Sound Consumers Coop (PCC) and she sent me an email emphasizing that the PCC does not and will not sell Sakuma Bros. produce. However, I see that they are selling produce in Driscolls’ boxes so they may not know that the farmworkers are picking in Driscolls’ label (all the boxes have a “Watsonville, CA” address).

      • necalli says:

        Thank you for keeping us updated. Yes, Driscoll’s sources its fruit from regional suppliers, Sakuma Bros Farms happens to be one of them. At the moment, Sakuma Bros is picking into blackberry clamshells with the Driscoll’s label. See the label on the front page of the website. Thank you for observing the boycott!

  27. In Seattle, the Puget Sound Consumer Coop stores are selling Driscoll’s berries. I spoke to the Produce guy at the N.E. 65th and 40th N.E. store and he had not heard about a boycott. He wanted info. I’ll give him a flyer.

  28. L N says:

    Whole Foods Roosevelt Store Seattle is expecting Sakuma Brothers berries today, May 29. They have not carried them in past years. Produce Manager did not know of labor controversy.

  29. L N says:

    last week, Central Market Shoreline Store Manager Joel Larway stated that a conference call reported Town + Country Markets will NOT be carrying Sakuma Brothers berries in the “foreseeable future”

  30. Anita says:

    Is there an establish group at the University of Washington to fight for this cause? If so, I would like more information

  31. Anywhere in Yakima, Wenatchee, or surrounding communities that carry these products? We have a group of students here at Central Washington University who would like to organize a protest/boycott outside of a grocery store who carries these products.

    • necalli says:

      Dear Ms. Martinez,

      Thank you for moving forward with the CWU boycott committee. We will be updating you by e-mail soon!

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